Experimental Studio Work

Solitary Dependency

Agent in conducted isolation demonstrates a discrete consumption sequence. Development of routine, tangible dependency. This doc describes some of my process for the procedural animation […]

A Dime Buck Grand

Disposable experiment of monetary tensile strength. This doc describes some of my process for the procedural animation in this piece. If you’re interested in learning […]

Perpetual Insufficiency

A constant, cyclical loss. I went with a more simple, elegant action for this piece. The gesture I am capturing portrays three figures traveling at […]

Netting Carriage

Exact conservation of energy and topology. The netting effects in this piece were generated and animated using procedural techniques and an experimental sandbox approach. I […]

Signal Storage

Planting of noise in a regular flow of mesh. The puff-balls you see being carried throughout this piece use a similar mechanism to the one […]

Consistent Survey

Unidentified equipment of a redundant process. In the process of making this animation, I came across a pretty interesting discovery about perfect loops. In previous […]


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Featured Projects

  • Rhythms of Winding

    Check out this other blog post to see a write up for the microgrant I received from the Frank Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry. Rhythms […]


  • Intuitive Digitizing Reworked

    Since this past Spring I’ve been reworking some of the trial stitch algorithms I had previously developed. You can read about these previous trials in […]


Soft Sculpture and Fashion

Other Recent Work

7 – 7

Every 12 hours a rebirth; a 7 o’clock genesis. This time piece features virtual flowers that were procedurally generated and animated by a system I’ve […]

Gulls in Progress

This “open world” game is a prototype for an idea I had about making a virtual environment where you can drive around a parking lot, […]

Windows XP Deprecated

This virtual monument reimagines and immortalizes an essence of early 2000s Windows unlike any other operating system. Travel into the void and see what vibrant […]

Semi-Permanent Field Guide

Tactile field guide detailing crucial methods of fabrication and other skills for the modern adolescent. Digitized and stitched in machine-embroidery. 1 – How to construct […]

Moving Embroidery Archive

Check out some of the other posts on my blog about more details of how this animation works and my process! The Factory: Gestures of […]


The ready-made passive income generator has always been a staple of any thriving economy. Enjoy your same late night trips to the fridge to check […]

WalkOutside: This One River

This post documents a class assignment from Spring 2020. We had recently been dismissed from campus, and School of Art professors were restructuring the rest […]

The Virtual Artifact Gallery

This virtual gallery is a VR experience featuring real objects captured using photogrammetry, accompanied by their mundane and iconic representations from popular video games. I originally […]

Machine Learning Assisted Visual Effects

I was introduced to Runway ML this semester by my independent study professor Golan Levin. I was showing him a music video I was working […]

Low-Level Stitching Algorithms

The following is documentation of some simple algorithms I’ve been coming up with in conjunction with this blog post on coding for machine embroidery. I’ve […]

Stitching Intricate

Influence I was a student of the School of Art, but throughout my freshman year at Carnegie Mellon I took a number of coding courses […]

With GINSENG and HONEY [2017]

Mundane gamification – Bum around the Byrne Dairy parking lot sipping sweet green tea while your friends skate around. I made this game pretty hurriedly […]

Folding Ripple

My original goal in making this gif was to familiarize myself with loading animating picture files in p5.js. I started with a simple animation sequence […]

Wet Life AR

A wet floor sign springs to life in new dimensions with this AR experience. The beloved icon from signage across the globe takes on the […]