Generalized Assembly Instructions for Products In Your Life

Are you hesitant to repair or tinker with your personal belongings? Afraid of not being able to put something back together once it’s in pieces? Send it to me for a detailed manual containing everything you need to know about how to reassemble it or replace any of its components.

This booklet demonstrates a sort of whimsical service I envisioned for which people could send me manufactured objects that don’t have instructions for assembling/disassembling them, and I could design custom manuals to help people tinker with or repair their belongs. I was especially compelled by the process of producing officially-voiced print materials to coincide with random things from people’s lives that may not even be fully intact or like-new. For example, the object that I first chose, the multimeter, was missing one of it’s two probes, and so you can see the cover image of the manual only shows one.

Beyond organizing and photographing the set of instructions, it was an interesting puzzle to piece together and format different bits of information like the serial/model number, and safety warnings all from the object itself. I think it would be really cool to see a large array of these and what specific information could be pulled from each thing.

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