Video Gallery


Company Kept [2019]

This project was screened at MuseumLab in Pittsburgh for the “Every Possible Utterance” exhibition put on by Carnegie Mellon School of Art students and faculty.
With original soundtrack composed by Spencer Edgers & Thomas Lack

Lombardi Leather – Buckle-less Belt [2018]

The Virtual Artifact Gallery [2020]

See more about this project and how I came about making it in this blog post.

Construct [2020]

A Little Longer Official Music Video [2019]

Read about how machine learning in RunwayML was used for some of these visuals in this blog post.

Fresh Hex Unofficial Music Video [2018]

Janna Official Music Video [2020]

smthngndlgnt [2020]

Did some datamoshing in quarantine using footage from The Slow Mo Guys. Tame Impala – “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

obnaxl [2021]

I found a video on YouTube from every year since 2007 of somebody burning a pile of leaves and practiced with a technique I’ve developed previous. This video uses a combination of datamoshing, EbSynth, as well as more tradition vfx compositing techniques. There’s no sound included in this upload, so you can play or listen to whatever you’d like.

It’s Important to Know [2016]

This video was created when I was attending the New York State Summer School of the Arts. This project originally had “It’s Important to Know” by Dear Nora as its soundtrack.

The Strokes – Is This It Unofficial Music Video [2019]

This music video was compiled from documentation of projects made by students in Carnegie Mellon University’s 60212: Interactivity & Computation class. The task was to create mini autonomous sculptures using Arduino micro-controllers. Me and Rigved Deshpande collaborated in making the little drummer dude. You can check out the original documentation with all projects from the class here.

Simil [2016]

Test 3 5 avi (Digital Bodies) [2017]

Seeing and Am [2018]

You are a machine learning to understand the human experience. After a hard rest, you quickly relearn some of the fundamental properties of physical perception.

Weird New Occupants [2017]

Marketing a Triangle [2016]

bread [2016]

Official Selection screened at the All American High School Film Festival, 2016.