Netting Carriage

Exact conservation of energy and topology.

The netting effects in this piece were generated and animated using procedural techniques and an experimental sandbox approach. I was working on real-time object collisions for the last few projects, since designing perfect loops for my piece Signal Storage. The brick wall pattern was created using a fill stitch algorithm I wrote a while ago, modified slightly to add vertical stitches at each stitch within that pattern. Once I had this design, I could run it through a new script that would shift the whole pattern down every frame, and collide it with rectangles I had placed in the scene. I spent a lot of time experimenting to achieve an effect that I felt was compelling and expressive enough to give itself purpose.

The bodies in this piece are subtle, but they are sort of jumping onto these switches and riding them down to the lower level. I wanted to give a sense that these people were either powering the downward motion of the netting, or using the energy from the netting to power their elevator – either way, some relationship or exchange of energy. I thought of this method for animating the action while I was at my friends house and asked him to record this, which I eventually rotoscoped to use in the final process.

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