Your Plane

My first experiment in interactive embroidery animation! I wanted to test how an interaction would feel with thread, and so I put together a short sequence of animation – folding a paper airplane, and orbiting around it, that I could then incorporate into a P5.js sketch.

At each step in the process, you simply click anywhere to advance the animation to the next step. Once the plane is all folded, you can drag your cursor (or tap and drag with your finger on mobile) to see a 3D view of the plane.

Try it out yourself at!

Digitizing the sort of gestural hands that come in to make the folds was done procedurally using the meandering line algorithm I developed (read more here).

I made the reference footage using a big piece of poster board in an attempt to make my hands look smaller – more like cursors within a UI. I made sure to use a bright colors for the paper as well as my hands (hence the blue surgical gloves) so that I could key out the different elements in post-processing. This is how I isolated my hands to feed into the meandering line algorithm. The marks you see on the paper are pieces of tape that I used to try and keep everything still in the process of folding.

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