The ready-made passive income generator has always been a staple of any thriving economy. Enjoy your same late night trips to the fridge to check how your future of financial independence is shaping up. You may never need to eat again.

This work was created for a collaborative, Risograph printed zine. 16 artists came together to produce this book and donated proceeds to Oasis Farm & Fishery. See more info and the finished book including other contributing artists below!

I put together this rendering using Unity 3D and some open source 3D models and images. My idea behind this scene was to create a precariously thrown-together assemblage of cyrptomining laptops inside of a fridge. I thought that appropriating the use of the fridge for keeping mining equipment cool would serve as a funny metaphor for the monetary value that has been assigned to cryptocurrencies, the massive, decentralized investments that have been made in their hardware, and their disconnect from fundamental human needs like hunger.

I also wanted to capture the feeling that this scene was something that was never really meant to be looked at, and that it had been put together out of necessity by any ordinary person with the buying power to purchase all the specific pieces of equipment that can be seen.

It was fun working in this unique split-page book format and I think the Risograph printing of everybody’s installments enhance the personal look and feel of the final product.

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