Semi-Permanent Field Guide

Tactile field guide detailing crucial methods of fabrication and other skills for the modern adolescent. Digitized and stitched in machine-embroidery.

fig0. BAHM wood, fire pit

1 – How to construct a duct tape wallet.

For personal storage of paper money, coins, and various cards – can be produced in multiples to sell on the bus.

fig1. duct tape

2 – How to construct magic pants and perform an act of levitation.

For impressing your friends and their parents.

fig4. flannel pants, retired shoes, scissors
fig5. 1-2ft elevated surface

3 – How to construct and use a pair of slide gloves.

For going fast.

fig6. gardening gloves, cutting board, saw
fig7. longboard, inclined runway

4 – How to construct and operate a gravity bong.

For highly-efficient transportation of the psyche.

fig8. 1 gallon jug, 2 liter bottle, scissors, 1/4-5/16 inch wrench socket
fig9. water, material, lighter

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