Bizarre Fabrications Series

Special observations of curiously occupied agents of production. Procedurally embroidered stop motion animation by Huw Messie.


  • Meticulous Spewing
    Meticulous Spewing

    Continuous spewing of a memorized strand contour into discrete barriers.

  • Proprietary Amusement
    Proprietary Amusement

    Mechanical demonstration of randomized, abstract reward utility.

  • Solitary Dependency
    Solitary Dependency

    Agent in conducted isolation demonstrates a discrete consumption sequence. Development of routine, tangible dependency.

  • Torn Joiner
    Torn Joiner

    Agent assumes a split position in dual-propelled joiner via distributive action.

  • Flutterative Filtration
    Flutterative Filtration

    Flow of flutterative particles is dually beckoned from [relative under] and passively sorted via a filtering mesh. Particles smaller-than-size (defined by filtering mesh) are allowed to escape into the unaccount.